Friday, August 12, 2011

FLESH: Fighting Human Trafficking

People within the United States continue to refuse to recognize that Human Trafficking is a highly prevalent crime that occurs on our soil and against our citizens. Coming to terms with the fact that Human Trafficking is the third largest criminal industry in the world, is the first step. The next is fighting back against Human Trafficking, in all forms, in whatever avenue that you can.

Directed by Kristin Ross Lauterbach, “FLESH: Bought and Sold in the U.S.,” is a documentary that reveals the truth about commercial sexual exploitation. Filmed on the streets of Los Angles, FLESH is a story that is told by girls who have been commercially sexually exploited, some of whom have escaped and some who have not. The documentary also includes interviews with those on the frontlines in the war against Human Trafficking.

FLESH is a very compelling film and has been awarded the Audience Award at the 2011 Awareness Fest. It is currently under selective screening in conjunction with Stop The Traffic Freedom Drive 2011.


[Miles is coming to town and brings FLESH]

The people behind the scenes, such as Kristin Ross Lauterbach, did not make this documentary for fame and fortune; it is as I’ve said, their effort to fight against Human Trafficking by utilizing their medium and bringing attention to modern day slavery.

If you would like to learn more about “FLESH: Bought and Sold in the U.S.,” take a moment to view the trailer and stop by the documentary’s website by clicking HERE. You can also stay informed about FLESH via Twitter and Facebook.

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