Tuesday, August 30, 2011

$3-Million Home Faces Seizure After Owner Accused Of Human Trafficking

Dear Friends – here's an article about a $3.1 civil seizure in a trafficking case. Very terrific lawyering and police work, no doubt. We need to do this more in the US! Trafficking involved, promised or actual work in a salon as well as other enslavement.

$3-Million Home Faces Seizure After Owner Accused Of Human Trafficking [Canada]: The home of a West Vancouver, B.C., woman who has been charged with human trafficking may soon be the property of the B.C. government, if the Supreme Court approves a forfeiture claim filed earlier this week. The province's director of civil forfeiture filed the claim on the grounds that the $3.1-million house belonging to Mumtaz Ladha was "an instrument of unlawful activity." According to the statement of facts attached to the application, Ladha originally hired the victim of the alleged trafficking at her family home and salon in Tanzania. In early 2008, she promised the woman a job at a salon in Canada for a $200 monthly income, said investigators. But the woman told police that upon her arrival in August of that year, she was made to work 18 to 22 hours per day.... [HSEC-3.10; Date: 28 August 2011; Source:

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