Mexican soldiers have rescued 165 kidnapped migrants, mostly from Central America, from a house in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, the authorities said Thursday. According to Eduardo Sánchez, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, the migrants were headed to the United States when they were swindled by smugglers along the border. “These human traffickers, these delinquents,” Mr. Sánchez said, “instead of taking them to the border, like they say they will, hand them over to criminal groups.” The migrants, mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras but including some fromMexico and India, had been held for as long as three weeks while the kidnappers called their families to demand money. On Tuesday, soldiers, acting on a tip, raided a house in Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, 30 miles from McAllen, Tex. They found the migrants and detained a man who had been acting as a lookout. Mr. Sánchez said that most of the migrants had received medical care and that they would be taken to a holding center in Mexico City.