Friday, November 18, 2011

UK Situation, Unbelieveable

Hundreds Of Children Smuggled Into UK For Blood Rituals: Children being abducted and used for human blood rituals is a part of life for some in the United Kingdom, according to a BBC News report. According to Chris Rogers of the BBC, the trafficking of children from Africa to be used in human blood rituals is a common occurrence in the UK, where reportedly at least 400 African children over a period of just four years have been caught up in this ghoulish cultural practice. The means by which these children are brought into the UK is unknown to British authorities, but the reason why they are being smuggled is clear and disturbing. … Anti-trafficking authorities point to the practice of "juju," according to the BBC report. The West African religion uses a form of witchcraft through the use of objects imbued with supernatural powers, and it is believed that is the source for the need of children. Rogers reports that a trafficker can belong to any class or social group of people and that it is not the exclusive terrain of witch doctors.

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