Monday, November 21, 2011

After my own heart...

Still new to twitter, I'm delighted to see that this group is following our blog. ACT, Against Child Trafficking, is tweeting about their work to end child trafficking on twitter. Check them out!!/AChildTraffick

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  1. Canada has been identified as both a transit and a destination point for human trafficking, and Vancouver (located in British Columbia) has been singled out by the U.S. State Department as a port of major concern. However, British Columbia’s Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Shirley Bond, drastically cut funding to the province’s Office To Combat Trafficking In Persons. This occurred in July of 2011, and resulted in the termination of the Executive Director, Robin Pike. There is no longer an Executive Director position, and as it stands there are only 2 employees working in this office, period. Please join me in telling my province’s Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General and Premier, that this is unacceptable.


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