Friday, November 4, 2011

Devastating Blow:-)

Floods Hit Human Trafficking Industry [Thailand, Burma]: Thailand's Bt20-billion human trafficking industry is experiencing a major drop in production due to the flood crisis, human traffickers reported this week. "This crisis has hit our business hard, at both the supply and distribution end," said Thanh Huendoc, who manages a large Burmese-Thai trafficking syndicate. … "We've had to create new delivery routes, which increases overhead costs," Thanh explained. "We may have to raise prices on our trafficked humans, which would reduce our competitiveness." … "I've got to get 100 passport-less Cambodian women to Romania by the end of November," said Wichit Poonchonsiri, a human trafficking agent based in Aranyaprathet. "But with floodwaters making it impossible to reach Lad Krabang port, I may miss my deadline. My clients might just go with Latvian girls being sold from Albania.

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