Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Voice of Freedom Campaign

This organization is doing a fantastic job on the issue of trafficking of Sub-Saharan refugees in the Sinai desert in Egypt.


Information on Voice of Freedom:
Human Rights Watch report on trafficking of Sub-Saharan asylum seekers in the Sinai desert, Egypt:   


Leila Segal, explaining the purpose of the Voice of Freedom campaign:
 Leila Segal, speaking at the ERSA conference at Amnesty International 16 August 2013, about the power of photography in expressing and advocating around difficult emotion:
  ‘Shelter: 10 Days in South Tel Aviv’ written and read by Leila Segal. Performed at the Matrix Chambers in London on World Refugee Day (20 June 2012), this piece explores the perspective of women refugees – victims of human trafficking in Israel.

Khedijah Ali, shows her support for Voice of Freedom.


I really enjoy taking photos, and before the project I kept thinking if I could get the opportunity I would take photos to tell my story. It was my dream, and finally through PhotoVoice my dream became true. When I completed my project - the book My London - that was the happiest moment in my life. Every single photo made me very happy. I took my book to all my friends and they were very happy.
Masoud Shinwari, My Londoners and 2010 bursary

In order to make something of ourselves we need a little bit of help – that help from PhotoVoice has meant a lot to me.  That help makes a huge difference between being an outsider or being like everyone else.  
Tatiana, 17 years
Transparency, photography by unaccompanied refugee youth, London, UK

With PhotoVoice I made my first steps – the project helped me to learn not just photography but many other things.  We got the chance to express ourselves and to tell English people what is like to be a young refugee. I had something I wanted to tell … People have to understand what a big difference there is between our different countries.  It is like the difference between night and day. I don't think anyone comes like a tourist, just coming here to have fun. I don't want to be a refugee but I was not given any choice.   With PhotoVoice we had the chance to tell this message to English people and let them understand about our problems
Bajram, 16 years
Transparency, photography by unaccompanied refugee youth, London, UK

‘At the beginning I thought photography was magic, now I am a photographer myself and I can train others in photography. I will never forget this training and what it has done for me. Even if I die tomorrow I die knowing that I have been able to document my life through photography’
Julie Salima, project participant
Positive Negatives, photography by HIV+ women, Democratic Republic of Congo

This project is the first chance we have been given to express things we keep inside to the outside world.
Aita Singh, 18 yrs,
The Children’s Forum, photography by Bhutanese refugee youth, Nepal

“Thanks PhotoVoice for helping me learn how to express my feelings. I was blind and now I see why I’m living. My future is bright. I’ve taken a step and even my mind is open.”
Fikile, Youth Photo-Reflect, South Africa

“The project changed my feelings about my community and made me strong enough to talk about the issues in Orange Farm.”
Lebogang, Youth Photo-Reflect, South Africa

“I learnt the camera is a weapon- it’s very powerful – I learnt how to use it carefully.”

S Ramesh, Unheard Voices, Hidden Lives India

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