Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Issue Anti-Trafficking Review 'Human Rights at the Border'

Anti-Trafficking Review issue 2, on 'Human Rights at the Border', is now available free online at:
What should be the role for border controls in anti-trafficking responses, if there should be one at all? Heightened border security is increasing risks in the migration process. Many people decide that despite barriers and risks they must cross a border for survival, either in terms of economics or safety. In many cases, at border crossings, it is not possible for practitioners to tell if people are being strictly trafficked or whether they fall in another migration category, yet the risks created by border systems and the violations experienced by individuals at borders are not to be left out of conversations on trafficking and of migrants' rights more broadly.
The latest issue of the Anti-Trafficking Review ( includes eight peer-reviewed articles on how anti-trafficking measures play out in border zones. 
Anti-Trafficking Review, issue 2, Contents 
(click on the links below to download the articles)
Special Issue Guest Editor: Dr Sverre Molland                      
Editor: Rebecca Napier-Moore
'Debate' on the Role of Border Controls in the Response to Human Trafficking
Thematic Articles
Book Review 
The Anti-Trafficking Review, Issue 2 launch will be held at the People's Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights in New York in October. Details will be announced soon. 
The Anti-Trafficking Review promotes a human rights based approach to anti-trafficking. The Review offers an outlet and space for dialogue between academics, practitioners, trafficked persons and advocates seeking to communicate new ideas and findings to those working for and with trafficked persons. Each issue features a Debate Section in which two or more sides of a contentious issue are presented.
An open source, annual publication, the Review presents rigorously considered, peer reviewed material in clear English. A publication of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, the journal has a readership in 78 countries and is abstracted/indexed in Ulrich's, Ebsco Host, Directory of Open Access Journals, eGranary,, and ProQuest.
The 2014 forthcoming issue of the Review is on the theme 'Follow the Money: Spending on Anti-Trafficking'. The Call for Papers is available online 

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