Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Senior Mumbai Cop Moved After Sex Trade Raid

A senior inspector of Versova police station in India was transferred following the recent raid on a prostitution racket by the Social Service Branch (SSB) of the city police. Senior police inspector Sharad Borse, who is presently on leave, has been ordered to move to the Local Arms Division (LAD) at Naigaon. … The raid took place at a Mhada colony in Versova. More than 23 women were rescued, while 13 pimps were arrested under the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act (PITA). Police constable Arvind Kadam from the Versova police station was found to be at the location of the raid and was subsequently suspended. Officials stated that it is normal for senior police officials to be transferred if there is a raid by special teams like the SSBin the area of their jurisdiction. Sources reveal that Borse had gone on leave just a couple of days prior to the raid. A similar raid had taken place in July, when Borse was again on leave.

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