Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prostituted Child Speaks Out

Child Sex Slavery Survivor Tells Her Story [Arizona]: People gathered to raise awareness about a growing problem in our country and in Arizona, and it's not a problem people want to even think about. A group of churches started what they call Campaign 13. It got that name because the average age of a child entering child prostitution in Phoenix is 13 years old. Members of Campaign 13 and the Phoenix Police vice squad held a meeting, hoping to make valley residents aware that their children could be at risk. … [C]hild sex slavery survivor Carolyn Jean Jones…said she was coerced into a lifestyle of sex and drugs -- a lifestyle that children in Phoenix are falling victim to. … The group teamed up with the Phoenix vice squad and found that children are being targeted at malls – and even in high schools. And the group says tourism is putting Arizona kids at risk.

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