Monday, February 6, 2012

Loved these action items to end trafficking

While the campaign of "21 Days of Citizen Actions" concluded on February 1st, please continue to pursue any of these actions you were unable to take during the campaign timeframe.
Working together we can make it clear that human trafficking is unacceptable in our neighborhoods.
The actions are listed below for your reference.
ACTION 1...Take a moment of silence at 6:00 pm to STOP human trafficking in NC!
ACTION 2…Learn basic facts about human trafficking. Print out an 'orange card' from select Ending Violence, Awareness and Action Card. Presentation guide available
ACTION 3...List ten things you love to do. Identify one that can involve time spent with a minor. In a supervised manner, find a way to spend time with a minor sharing that activity that you love.
ACTION 4…Become more informed about human trafficking by reading Rescue and Restore Campaign fact sheets and other materials
ACTION 5…Review the indicators from the ‘orange card’. Share with a friend or co-worker. When something in your neighborhood doesn't seem right to you or suspicious, CALL 919.856.6800.
ACTION 6…Teens often are uninformed about acceptable behavior when dating. Dating abuse can be a precursor conditioning to becoming more vulnerable to human trafficking. To help a teen; learn more yourself.
ACTION 7…Arrange to speak about human trafficking to one group to which you belong, such as book club, bridge group, church group. Use orange card. A guide is available
ACTION 8...Show respect by being kind and courteous to yourself and to others. Make it your normal response. Showing respect is the antithesis to violence.
ACTION 9…Contact your local school and its PTA president to propose an educational program on human trafficking be held for parents of students and all school personnel. Contact for curriculum resources to conduct session
ACTION 10…Switch to Fair Trade products. Fair Trade means the product was produced without use of slave and/or the laborers are paid a living wage. You are preventing human trafficking by increasing demand for only Fair Trade products. To learn how to identify fair trade products and other information, refer to
ACTION 11... Ask your pastor/priest/rabbi/minister to arrange a prevention program regarding human trafficking of minors. Resources are available. Contact us for a list of suggested programs.
ACTION 12…Sign up to receive updates on what is going on around the state through NC Stop Human Trafficking website.
ACTION 13…Call your Sheriff/Police Chief and thank them for keeping our community safe. Inquire if they have specific staff assigned to investigate potential human trafficking cases. If they need training, let them know it is available from Pitt County Sheriff Department.
ACTION 14…Call your local newspaper, TV, and radio stations and ask for more coverage about human trafficking, especially domestic minor sex trafficking.
ACTION 15... Ask your local librarian to help you find books about trafficking of minors.
ACTION 16…Call a local hotel or motel and ask if they have implemented the no human trafficking CODE in their hotel. You canfind more about this CODE at For further background information, go to and read under Combating Child Sex Tourism.
ACTION 17…Get to know your neighbors. Resolve to learn those you do not yet know.
ACTION 18…Talk with a local youth leader [YMCA, YWCA, Boys/Girls Club, Scouts] about including trafficking prevention in their programming.
ACTION 19…Keeping our minors less vulnerable is key to helping them resist coercion and fraud used by traffickers. Search Institute has extensive research to show what can increase a minor’s choice of positive over negative responses. Visit to learn one way you can equip a minor to make more positive choices.
ACTION 20…Almost 100% of victims of human trafficking, who are now survivors, have stated they experienced some type of abuse in their childhood. Find a way you can support those who are focused on prevention of child abuse. Visit
ACTION 21…Take a moment of silence at 6:00 pm to STOP human trafficking in NC!
Thank you again for taking these actions. You may wish to connect with a local coalition that is working to take these and other actions. PATH NC will be happy to direct you to one in your geographic area.
Let’s end human trafficking in our society!


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