Friday, September 2, 2011

Amid Allegations Of Human Trafficking, Guatemala To Review Adoptions

Amid Allegations Of Human Trafficking, Guatemala To Review Adoptions: Loyda Rodriguez
recalls carrying her groceries into her Guatemala City apartment before turning around to find her two-yearold daughter Anyeli gone from the patio. … Last week, the Guatemalan government announced that it will
begin reviewing adoption cases that were halted midway after the United States barred all adoptions from
Guatamala in 2007. … The decree marks an initial step toward repairing the nation's battered adoption
system, and follows a court decision reached on August 1 calling for the return of Anyeli, who now goes by
the name "Karen Abigail Monahan." The court decision was based largely on the fact that Anyeli had been
kidnapped, by human traffickers. … Once a highly popular source for adoptions, Guatemala in 2007 sent
4,726 children—the second highest number of children after China—to the United States. [HSEC-3.9; Date:
27 August 2011; Source:]

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