Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Don't Look Away

Florida Law Student And Filmmaker Join Forces To Make A Unique Film For A Worthy Cause!
Orlando, FL: Today, a production team of Orlando natives have announced shooting dates to produce a unique film highlighting the growing problem of Modern-Day Sex Slavery in the United States, but in order to make the project more impactful, the duo will need your help.
“Don’t Look Away” is a film highlighting the growing problem of Sex Slavery in America. The film cumulates factual recounts of human trafficking victims and incorporates them into a compelling story of a young lady who is forced into the sex industry. The film explores the physical, emotional, and psychological effects that every victim suffers.
Alex Couch, a third-year student at Florida A&M College of Law, says that the issue has hit too close to home for this community to ignore. “The number of children being used for sexual exploitation in Florida is considerably higher than I would’ve ever imagined,” said Couch, producer of “Don’t Look Away”. “The battle against ‘slavery’ is far from over.”
Stephen Morgan, a local Filmmaker, says when he heard the news that sex trafficking was present in Orlando, it caused him to think about the lives of his own children. “The facts were hard to believe at first, but having kids of my own motivated me to look into the issue further. After doing so, I walked away broken-hearted for these victims,” said Morgan, the film’s director. “Once I knew the truth, I couldn’t think of anything more urgent than getting the word out to the masses that this is really happening”.
The filmmaking duo will highlight the plight of victims that have survived as well as those that are currently suffering from being victimized in the sex-trade industry. They named the film "Don't Look Away" with three goals in mind: (1) That society will re-shape the way it views victims in human trafficking, (2) that society will change the way it handles the issue and helps victims, and (3) the film will be used
as a risk-reduction and prevention tool by providing insight into the tactics and methods currently being used by human
traffickers. Currently, Florida ranks third behind only California and Texas, in forced labor and sexual exploitation. In 2013, the Central Florida Human Trafficking Task Force opened 24 new cases in Orlando alone. Nationally, in 2008 – 2010, the Department of Justice opened over 2,500 sex trafficking investigations, and 83% of them involved U.S. citizens. The number of sexually exploited children in the U.S. continues to grow every year. “Don’t Look Away” is designed to bring these issues to light in a way that only film can.
Couch and Morgan have launched a website for the public to learn more about this growing epidemic. The duo is currently seeking donations to assist with the production of the film. To read more about the “Don’t Look Away” film, the issue of sex-trafficking, or to learn how you can donate to this worthy cause, please visit dontlookawayfilm.com or visitfacebook.com/dontlookawayfilm. All donations to the project are eligible to receive a tax donation through the film's fiscal sponsor, "From the Heart Productions", a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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