Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Because I don't write enough about nuns...

Nuns fight human trafficking at WCup

Nuns fight human trafficking at WCup
VATICAN CITY - An international association of Catholic nuns on Tuesday launched a public awareness campaign to combat human trafficking and prostitution during the World Cup in Brazil. The nuns will use social media, billboards and rallies to draw attention to the heightened risk of exploitation of sex workers and job-seekers in general. "The World Cup is a unique occasion to invite everyone to reflect on the value of life," Sister Gabriella Bottani said. Bottani said her association, Talitha Kum -- a Biblical phrase meaning "Little girl, get up!" -- was also conducting training courses to spot signs of trafficking. The clergywoman said that for previous World Cups in Germany and South Africa, the level of "exploitation" had gone up by 30 percent and 40 percent respectively.–AFP

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