Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Human Rights at the Border as we speak

AATW, the AFL-CIO and the WGMWG are pleased to invite you to the launch of the Anti-Trafficking Review, Issue 2, at the PGA
Human Rights at the Border:
Borderline Human Rights, Borderline Anti-Trafficking Measures
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Church Center of the UN, 11th Floor Hardin Room, New York City
What should be the role for border controls in anti-trafficking responses, if there should be one at all?
Heightened border security is increasing risks in the migration process. Many people decide that despite barriers and risks they must cross a border for survival. In many cases, at border crossings, it is not possible for practitioners to tell if people are being strictly trafficked or whether they fall in another migration category, yet the risks created by border systems are not to be left out of conversations on trafficking and of migrants' rights more broadly.
The Anti-Trafficking Review launches a collection of eight peer-reviewed articles on how anti-trafficking measures play out in border zones. The collection of articles showcased at this event place rights at the border squarely in conversation in the lead up to the High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development.
Panel Speakers:
  • Nicola Piper, University of Sydney
  • Rebecca Napier-Moore, Anti-Trafficking Review, GAATW
  • Charlie Fanning, AFL-CIO
  • James P. CampbellThe New School's Milano School of Intl Affairs, Management & Urban Policy
  • Elena Shih, Department of Sociology, UCLA
Published by the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, the Anti-Trafficking Reviewpromotes a human rights based approach to anti-trafficking. The journal offers a space for dialogue for academics, practitioners, trafficked persons and advocates.
**Registration to the People's Global Action is advised (see: http://hld2013.gcmigration.org/register-for-pga-2013/).  Please print and bring this letter with you for entrance to the UN Church Center (http://hld2013.gcmigration.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/PGA-Confirmation-Letter.pdf). 

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