Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happening in the 'Hassee this Morning

Tallahassee Community Training on Human Trafficking
Join us on August 7th 2013 at FSU campus (Turnbull Center, 555 W. Pensacola St., Room 208) from 9:00am – 11:30 am and show your support in the fight to end modern-day slavery in our community! Refreshments will be provided. Parking is available in the Turnbull Center Garage and at the Civic Center Parking Lot
Why You? You are a key person to combat this crime and help keep our neighborhoods safe
Terry Coonan – is the Executive Director of the FSU Center for the Advancement of Human Rights, and teaches in the FSU Law & Criminology Schools. Under his direction, the FSU Center provides pro bono legal assistance to trafficking victims and has produced several reports on trafficking in Florida at the request of the Florida Legislature. He has designed and led trafficking trainings for FDLE, the Office of the Attorney General, DCF, and the U.S. Department of Justice.
Brad Dennis - is the Director of Search Operations for KlaasKIDS Foundation’s National Search Center for Missing and Trafficked Children. Brad has been instrumental in the rescue of numerous children from sex trafficking and the intelligence he has gathered has assisted in taking down several child prostitution rings. His rescue efforts have been chronicled on CNN, MSNBC, The Early Show, The Today Show, Dateline and 48 Hours.
Tyson Elliott – is Human Trafficking Director with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.  He previously served as the Statewide Human Trafficking Coordinator for the Florida Department of Children and Families. He is an award winning human trafficking investigator who founded and co-chaired the Alachua County Human Trafficking Task Force in Gainesville.
Going Places Street Outreach - your local street based program that assists homeless, runaway and at risk youth avoid being exploited while they make their journey to exit the streets. We help connect victims of sex trafficking with agencies that can ensure their safety.
With YOUR help, the Big Bend community can fight modern slavery! For more information please contact: Taylor Biro  (850) 576-6000 or Vania Llovera at (850) 644-4551.


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