Monday, June 25, 2012

Global Freedom Center Update

Quick update!  We were so pleased to attend Secretary Clinton's release of the annual Trafficking in Persons report this week.  We took a great photo of her listening to Raimi Vincent Paraiso who leads a child trafficking NGO in the Republic of Congo - check it out on Facebook and while you're there please like the page to help us spread the word.

Our latest resource available is Educating Our Way Out of Trafficking.
Educators from all levels are just beginning to embrace their role to prevent and identify human trafficking and prepare tomorrow's anti-trafficking professionals. The examples in this fact sheet provide a glimpse at some of the promising human trafficking interventions within the field of education and and the potential for growth within the global anti-trafficking community. 

We have also updated the Global Freedom Center website - let us know what you think!  Become part of the 5/20 Campaign - training 5 million professionals by the year 2020 to identify and prevent human trafficking.  We are actively seeking partners who are in need of this critical information.

Finally, we appreciate all of the wonderful feedback we have received about our coverage of human trafficking on Facebook and Twitter.  We highlight all forms of trafficking occurring around the world, motivating strategies to combat trafficking, new solutions devised by anti-trafficking professionals, and ideas on how you can be involved.  Join us!

Again, many thanks for your support and look for more resources coming soon.


Kelly Heinrich & Kavitha Sreeharsha

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