Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrive Rescue Home

Good organization providing shelter and therapeutic services to trafficked girls in Thailand.

What's Going On...
We hired our first Thai staff member this month!
Thai Government workers will be viewing the home on Monday 5/28.
There are 7 beds ready for girls in the home.
We are working on filling the list of government requirements to open.
We have already had word of several girls needing to be placed in Thrive Rescue Home.
Monthly Operating Budget is $3,000                     Currently Committed $2660

Medical Room Needed
The Government of Thailand requires the home to have a medical treatment room. We are in need of approx $ 200 to cover the cost of this room. Would you please consider sponsoring the Healing Room for Thrive Rescue Home? If so, please visit www.thriverescuehome.org now and designate the funds for "Healing Room".
Paint                          $60
Mattress                     $30
Outlet Covers             $10
Medicine Cabinet        $30
Bed Sheets                 $12
Medicines                   $40
           Total Needed         $ 200
From a House to a Home
This month we have seen the home go from a house to a home. We have painted, put together furniture, processed paperwork, and even hung the Thai flag outside. Great care has been taken to ensure that no detail has been overlooked in preparation for the girls. We have had news of several girls that could have moved into the home, but we weren't ready yet, we are finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel!

Monday, Thai Government workers will come to the house to view it. The requirements from the government to prepare the home are outside of our normal operating budget. Please join with us in becoming a monthly partner, spreading the word about what TRH is doing.

Without you and all your support and encouragement, providing this care for these girls would not be possible. Thank you friends!

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