Monday, October 10, 2011

Blame Canada!

Opposition parties have tried to block the latest version of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's anti-human smuggling bill that had drawn criticism last November from Canada's Catholic bishops. The first item debated Sept. 19, as Members of Parliament returned to the House of Commons after a summer break, Bill C-4 faced an amendment from Quebec Liberal MP Francis Scarpaleggia to "decline to give second reading" to the bill because it "fails to achieve its stated principle of cracking down on human smugglers and instead targets legitimate refugees." … Bill C-4 faces more debate before a vote on second reading that will send it to committee. "There is no definite time frame on the passing of Bill C-4," said Candice Malcolm, a spokeswoman for Kenney in an email. "We would like this bill to pass as soon as possible, however Opposition parties are delaying this bill moving forward." The Conservatives have a solid majority, however, which they lacked in the previous government.

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