Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Language matters

Combating human trafficking requires a multi-faceted approach. We need law enforcement, legislators, prosecutors, lawyers, community members and the media. This article discusses a 15 year old found in Georgia who was being purchased for sex. In Georgia the age of consent for statutory rape purposes is 16, despite this fact the article still describes the child as "acting as a prostitute." Is a child who is too young to consent to sex old enough to be described as a prostitute? Why not focus on the behavior of buyers, what about a headline that states "15 year old being purchased for sex"? In order to move anti-trafficking efforts forward in America we must begin to put the spotlight on those who exploit and create demand, rather then solely on those who are being exploited.


  1. The media, as well as law enforcement have a tendency to shift the focus on the victim as someone breaking the law; as opposed to someone that is in need of immediate help!

  2. Absolutely. Thanks for your comment.


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