Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Badly Behaving Ladies

I don't know what explains my naivete, but I am still surprised when I find out that women are traffickers, too.


Check out this trafficking ring in Taiwan. The leader had a girlfriend involved, and not to be outdone, his stepson had both (not just one) of his wives participate in the movement of women from mainland China. For the record, the coverage of this story indicates that some of the women might not have been trafficked. Still, it's not the only instance of women participating in the forced prostitution of other women.

For instance, during our seminar yesterday on Human Trafficking Law, Professor Terry Coonan discussed the many women involved at "leadership" levels in the human trafficking ring that included Tallahassee in its grasp. I mean, I am all for more women CEOs, just not in criminal enterprises.

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